ClickClack Pantry Cube Container Starter Set 10 Pcs Airtight Food Storage, White

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Create a well-coordinated pantry with the ClickClack Pantry Cube 10pc Container Starter Set. This set comes with all the right-sized containers to store your dry pantry staples from flour to pasta, cookies to sugar, and more. The white lids not only seal the container airtight but also bring a neat and organised look to your pantry.


Key Features:

  • Set of 10 square storage containers: 1 x 900ml container, 2 x 1.4L containers, 2 x 1.9L containers, 2 x 2.8L containers, 2 x 3.3L containers, and 1 x 4.3L
  • Designed to preserve and keep dry ingredients fresh be it grains, flour, sugar, oats, cookies, or candies
  • Pure white lids come with easy one-handed open squeeze toggles and flexible underside that expand and contract to provide an airtight seal
  • Durable, clear walls allow easy identification of contents






Clear and white


Food Safe BPA-free polystyrene (base), polypropylene (lid), and ABS (toggles)


1 x 900ml container: 14cm (length) x 14cm (width) x 10.5cm (height)

2 x 1.4L containers: 14cm (length) x 13.4cm (width) x 14cm (height)

2 x 1.9L containers: 15.3cm (length) x 15.3cm (width) x 14.6cm (height)

2 x 2.8L containers: 15cm (length) x 15cm (width) x 19cm (height)

2 x 3.3L containers: 16.6cm (length) x 16.6cm (width) x 19.5cm (height)

1 x 4.3L container: 16.6cm (length) x 16.6cm (width) x 23.9cm (height)

Fridge safe


Microwave safe


Cleaning and care

Wash the base with warm soapy water, rinse and dry thoroughly

Wipe the lid clean with a damp cloth; never immerse in water

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