Hafele Digital Mortice Lock 912.05.640

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The Hafele DL7900 offers PIN code, RFID card access, mechanical key override and Bluetooth key access through the Häfele Access App. There are so many smart ways to open the DL7900. With the stylish black matt finish, itcan be installed into many different types of applications. The Häfele Access App also doubles as an Air BNB administrator allowing the app user to provide PIN codes for short stay guests.

  • Touch screen with pin code
  • Rfid card or tag
  • Mobile phone ble and app enabled
  • Mechanical key
  • Made by good quality materials
  • Easy to care and use
  • Automatic locking
  • Tamper alarm
  • Electric shock resistance
  • Lever handle operated
  • Fire alarm sensor
Brand Hafele
Color Black
Product dimension Product: W 77.5 x H 306.5 x D 25.5 mm
With Packaging: Box 1: D 400 x W 300 x H 200 mm
Product weight Product: 1.8 kg
With Packaging: Box 1: 2 kg
Material Aluminium ans steel
Accessories included 2 cards, 2 tags, 3 mechanical keys
Model Number  912.05.640

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