JB Weld Essential Travel Pack Kit - SteelStik, WaterWeld, PlasticWeld, KwikWeld

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The JB Weld essential travel pack provides a solution and repair option for emergency situations when out and about. Small enough to fit in the glove box or tool box, the kit contains Steelstik, Waterweld, Plasticweld, Kwikweld, and Grey Silicone. Ideal for caravanners, 4WD enthusiasts, motorcyclists, agricultural and marine, it provides repair options to get you back heading for the destination of your choice. JB Weld products are made and manufactured in the United States and are considered to be the 'World's Strongest Bond'. So live by the JB Weld motto, "Don't scrap it; JB Weld it" with the JB Weld essential travel pack.


JB Weld


Black, Red & Clear

Product Dimensions

Packaged: L 190 x W 120 x H 30 mm

Product Weight

Packaged: 400 g


Epoxy, Silicone

Model Number


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