Moran Alberta Plush Fabric Chair Lovely Powder

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The Alberta is a charming and versatile accent chair. It features the curvaceous form of a classic high-back style chair, but with all the clean sophistication of a more sleek and modernized silhouette. Featuring slender, tapered timber legs, and meticulous self-piping all round, the Alberta is comfort and elegance all rolled into one. This stylish design makes it extremely versatile and will be a coveted piece fitting right for all occasions whether in the living room, bedroom or as the perfect reading chair in a private nook in your home.

This Moran Furniture piece was designed in Australia, ensuring that the best aspects of Moran’s unique, luxury style, reflect the modern Australian way of living. Each piece is kiln dried and made by hand using traditional crafting techniques and attention to detailing. The result is a luxurious level of comfort and long lasting visual appeal that often falls short with more widely adopted mass production methods.

  • Charming and versatile accent chair
  • Classic high-back style chair
  • Clean sophistication of a more sleek and modernized silhouette
  • Slender, tapered timber legs, and meticulous self-piping all round
  • Unique, luxury style and reflect the modern way of living
  • Fitting right for all occasions 
  • Easy to clean


Brand Moran
Color  Lovely Powder
Material Warwick fabric
Product dimension W 82 x D 103 x L 85 cm
Packaged: L 90 x W 87 x D 107 cm
Product weight 33kg
Packaged: 38kg
Model number 111832

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