Sharper Image Foot Massager Vibrating Massage with Heat Adjustable Strength

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This Sharper Image foot massager is ideal for sore feet. It features an independent heat function—if it’s a cold night and you just want to warm up your toes, you can use the heat function independently. That makes this device a two-in-one-foot warmer and massager. It also has adjustable strength, so you can choose the moderate vibration for a gentle massage, or if your feet are very sore, try the intense setting for a higher strength vibration.


The large foot pockets are wide and roomy, so you can even wear socks inside without it being too snug. The massager fits up to a men's size 12 or a women's size 14 shoe size. Finally, the non-slip bottom allows you to set the massager on the floor without worries of it moving around. It stays in place without excessive sliding, so you can relax comfortably and securely.



Sharper Image


Grey, white

Product Dimensions

With Packaging: W 350 x H 100 x D 293 mm

Product Weight

With Packaging: 1 kg


Plastic and fleece

Model Number


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