Tritan Hammer Unbreakable Tumbler Set of 12 Cups Shatter-Resistant Drinkware

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These durable tumblers are impact and shatter-resistant. Tritan is virtually unbreakable under normal use. It has the ability to withstand extreme conditions. Dishwasher Safe – not just dishwasher safe but will stay clear and tough even after hundreds of cycles. Resistant to cracking or crazing. Temperature safe and is safe for use with boiling liquid (use with caution with surface temperature). Freezer safe.



Tritan Hammer


Blue, green, pink, red, purple, and teal

Product Dimensions

6 tall pieces: H 17.53 x W 9.4 cm


6 shorter pieces: H 11.43 x W 9.4 cm


Tall tumbler: 710ml


Shorter tumbler: 474ml

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