15 Things You Can Do with a Food Processor

A food processor can bring wonders to your kitchen, as the versatile appliance makes typically tedious tasks such as chopping, grinding, pureeing, shredding, and slicing much easier and faster.

But this is really just the beginning.

If you are new to using these devices, or have recently purchased more advanced food processors, you might be wondering what to do with a food processor first, whether it’s beat cake batter or egg whites, knead bread dough, or make fruit or vegetable juice!

Whether you’re the home cook or a busy parent (or both), you’ll find creativity and ease in the many ways to use a food processor. Here are some examples from Webky to get you started:

15 Ways to Use a Food Processor

1. Grind meat

Meticulous chefs can be very sceptical of what’s in the supermarket minced meat. Instead, you can opt to buy whole cuts of your preferred parts and grind them at home for your peace of mind, continuing until they are at your preferred consistency.

Now, as you search for things to make in a food processer, you can easily create your own burger recipe from scratch!

2. Puree soup

If you have a recipe for homemade soup that calls for pureeing the soup ingredients, a food processor is the perfect tool for the job. Simply place all of the ingredients in the food processor and pulse until the soup is smooth. It’s that easy!

3. Shred potatoes for latkes

If you are wanting to make traditional latkes, after processing the potatoes with the blades, form them into patties, then fry in as many batches as you like. No more aching hands when you can shred with a food processor.

4. Slice thin potato cuts

Potatoes can contribute a LOT to things you can make in a food processer. For example, simply slice thin potato cuts for dishes like French fries or potato chips, first cutting the potatoes into small pieces and then pulsing in the food processor a few times until the potatoes are sliced thin.

Want to make the chips even healthier? Cook them in your air fryer!

5. Churn healthy soft serve from delicious ingredients

If you are looking for a healthy alternative to ice cream, try churning soft serve from delicious ingredients using your food processor. Take some frozen bananas or berries, for example, then you already have a whole list of things to make in a food processor, as you can pulse until smooth and serve immediately!

6. Blend organic pesto

Now that you’re going DIY, you can add, remove, or replace any ingredient on the list for pesto. You can use almonds if you dislike pine nuts or substitute mint for basil. Feel free to skip the cheese if you wish to go dairy-free.

This is another great example of how as you learn the ways to use a food processor, you have greater freedom to experiment with your go-to recipes.

7. Produce homemade pie crust

Yes, you can do this without losing patience in cutting the butter. Simply mix the flour, salt, & butter in the processor and spin until the butter is consistently spread. Follow this by introducing the ice water and continue to pulse, leaving the dough to form as needed. And as you free more time from making the crust, you can allot it instead into weaving a beautiful lattice.

8. Form gluten-free flour out of rolled oats

If you are wanting to make some gluten-free dishes, a food processor is perfect for converting rolled oats into gluten-free flour. Just place the rolled oats in the food processor and pulse until they are ground into a fine powder. You can then use this fresh oat flour to cook some banana pancakes for breakfast. Add a dollop of homemade nut butter, which you can make with the same appliance, too!

9. Churn heavy cream into butter

As the processor stirs the cream, fat molecules form into clumps and separate from the water molecules. You now have fresh, homemade butter from the fat and buttermilk from the water.

10. Whip up nut butter

Take a bag of almonds and whip it into delicious almond butter. This actually works with numerous nuts or seeds, in fact, adding to the list of things to make in a food processor!

11. Shred cheese

Whether you’re preparing macaroni ‘n’ cheese or tacos, you can achieve batches of shredded cheese in mere seconds. Just place the cheese in the food processor and pulse until it is shredded to the desired consistency.

12. Crush cookies into crumbs

Use it as a foundation for a pie or a mix-in for your milkshake. These different ways to use a food processor gives you snacks, beverages or both!

13. Make cauliflower rice

On a calorie deficit? Looking for a healthy alternative to white rice? Try this veggie side dish out by breaking down the cauliflower into rice-sized pieces. It goes with almost everything —from beef to fish.

14. Shave Brussels sprouts

Shredded sprouts are faster to cook and can complete a range of recipes like salads, sandwiches, and even rice dishes. Cut the Brussels sprouts in half and place them in the food processor, and then proceed to pulse until they are shaved thin.

15. Grate carrots

Carrot cake without hidden chopped fingernails, anyone? Yes, your safety is also included in learning what to do with a food processor, as instead of running your fingers close to the blades of a grater, you can let the appliance slice them to the desired consistency.

Safety Tips as You Explore Things to Make in a Food Processor

Please make sure to practice standard safety measures while learning the ways to use a food processor.

  • Before putting the blades in the food processor and turning it on, ensure the work bowl is secure.
  • Never use your hands to add ingredients to the bowl. That’s what the food pusher is for.
  • Don’t put your utensils in the machine while the blades are spinning. Keep everything (except ingredients) away from the edges unless the processor is unplugged.
  • Double-check if the appliance is turned off before removing the food materials, disassembling, or cleaning it.
  • When you’re done using it, remove the work bowl from the base first. Only then should you remove the disc or blades.

Complete Delicious, Healthy Recipes in Less Time as You Learn What to Do with a Food Processor

If you’re on the search for a versatile kitchen appliance to make meal preparations easier and faster, then look no further. The right food processor can:

  • Save you valuable time in the kitchen
  • Upgrade your home appliance
  • Allow you to make new and healthier dishes at home
  • Give your plain old salads and dishes a whole new look, taste, and feel

Webky is committed to helping households find quality homewares to make life more convenient. Discover the best food processor for your needs here at our online collection. If you would like to learn more on the ways to use and things to make in a food processor, please contact us today and we will be happy to help!