5 Must Have Work From Home Furniture Pieces

Nowadays, more companies, both large and small, have pivoted to remote work setups. Putting their workforce on a remote work setup has made it possible for them to cut down their business operation costs. At the same time, many employees claim that they can achieve a healthy work-life balance since they can work closer to their families. Plus, working from home has also saved them from transportation and fuel costs. But as fun and helpful as work-from-home may sound, it can also be challenging. (1)

Considering that you’re working alone in your home office, you may be more prone to interruptions and distractions. With no boss or manager to supervise, it’s up to you to manage your time and stay productive. One way to boost your productivity and efficiency while working from home is by investing in work-from-home homeware products. A proper work-from-home office setup with complete work-from-home furniture can help separate your personal and work life. Most importantly, an effective home office setup can also boost your productivity and promote self-discipline. (1) (2)

So, whether you’re new to remote working or you wish to improve your current home office, here are five work-from-home furniture pieces you must have in your home office.

1. An adjustable standing desk

Often, the centre of every employee’s home office is their office desk. This is where all the essential office equipment is placed, and this is where you spend eight to nine hours doing your job-related tasks. Thus, investing in a durable and ergonomic office desk is vital to provide support and comfort while working. An adjustable standing desk may be the best choice for an office desk. A standing desk, also known as a stand-up desk, is a type of office desk that you can adjust to a standing height so you can stand up comfortably when working. (2) (3) 

Some of the known benefits of a standing desk may include:

  • Minimise the risk of back pain caused by long periods of sitting
  • Boost productivity
  • Elevate moods and energy levels
  • Reduce the risk of weight gain, which might lead to obesity


Ultimately, an adjustable standing desk allows you to switch between seated and standing positions whenever you feel pain, ache or fatigue. This can be an excellent home furniture design investment, especially for those who’ll set up a home office. If you’re in Australia, an adjustable standing desk may be available in some of the best furniture Australia stores, home furniture Brisbane shops or other furniture shops in your local area. (3)

Home office furniture rental can also help you if you’re unsure which type of office desk to buy. You’ll be able to experiment with different design home furniture or home decor furniture until you feel which home office furniture works best for you. 

2. An ergonomic office chair

After your desk, an ergonomic office chair should also be the next most important piece in your home office, even more so than your desk. Since you’ll spend many hours seated on your office chair, you must choose one that can provide comfort and back support and promote proper sitting posture.

Ergonomic chairs are designed to address the common areas where one may experience pain or fatigue when seated for long periods. Thus, before investing in an office chair, do your research and see which chairs may work efficiently for your comfort level and other needs. (4)

Here are some factors you should consider when choosing an ergonomic office chair:

  • The adjustability of the chair’s height and armrest
  • Lumbar support for your lower back
  • Office chair wheels and swivel base (fit for people who experience strain when they try to reach for things)

Sitting for long periods is already hazardous for your health, but sitting even for a short period can still adversely affect your health when using the wrong office chair. (4)

3. Filing cabinets and storage solutions

Although not all companies may require their employees to file and keep many office papers, there’s still a higher chance that you’ll need a dedicated space to store and organise other office stuff. Otherwise, leaving your office things unorganised on your desk may create a chaotic and cluttered workspace, adversely affecting your energy levels, productivity, focus and mood to work. Thus, a filing cabinet and storage solutions are other must-haves for your home office setup. 

You may choose integrated filing cabinets to match your office desk. They are either attached to your desk or placed underneath. If you want an open-space concept, you may consider open shelving. Either way, having a dedicated storage space in your home office can make your workspace look organised and work-conducive. You may also check out some display home furniture for sale and browse for other storage options which may fit your home office needs.

4. Effective home office lighting

It’s hard to focus and do your job when your workspace is too dim. Working in a dark environment might also damage your eyesight. Thus, another must-have for your home office is effective home office lighting. These may include adjustable desk lamps, LED light strips, smart light bulbs, floor lamps, etc. Choose something easy and comfy for your eyes and not too harshly bright.

5. Office décor and accessories

Even if your home office is dedicated to working, it’s still ideal for incorporating decorations and accessories that can add warmth and comfort to your workspace. Filling your workspace with meaningful decorations may help boost your mood and productivity. So, you may search for a new home furniture package with decorations. Plants, posters, turntables and other motifs can make your workspace more personal and welcoming. 

Wrapping up

Working from home can be daunting and challenging at first. But with the right work-from-home furniture pieces, you can create a highly productive and inspiring work environment for yourself. So, keep these must-have homeware products in mind and make your home office fun and wonderful place to work every day.


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