3 Piece Cara Chef Ceramic Knife Set + FREE White OR Black Knife Holder

Sale price$80.00


This Cara Chef Ceramic Knife is perfect for your kitchen. This Ceramic Blade will glide through your food with ease, making your cooking more enjoyable as the lightweight relieves strain from your shoulders and arms. The Cara Cutting Knife will not lose its sharpness as the ceramic material is the second hardest material next to diamonds. The Ceramic Chopping Knife will also prevent odours from transferring between foods and keeps your kitchen clean and sanitary.

  • Made from Zirconium
  • Made from the second hardest material, keeping your knife sharp and will not wear out
  • Easy grip handle
  • Stops odours transferring from one food to another
  • Sanitary – much cleaner than your ordinary metal knife
  • Lightweight
  • Sizes: 6-inch, 5-inch, 4 inch
colour White and black
Sizes 6 inch , 5 inch , 4 inch

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