3200W Steam Cleaner High Temperature Kitchen Cleaning Pressure Steaming Mechine

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3200W Steam Cleaner High Temperature Kitchen Cleaning Pressure Steaming Mechine, 3200W heating body, high pressure, strong power, strong acid resistance, can add liquid medicine or disinfectant, etc. Kill 99.9% bacteria, more secure, chopsticks, milk bottles and nipples under the impact of high temperature steam. Effective sterilization, while easy to clean stains.

Lengthen the power cord and steam hose, single person operation is not laborious, can meet the cleaning needs. Anti skid handle, double layer tea hose, six gear adjustments. Through the high-pressure high-temperature steam and strong spray force, with anti-dry. The operation is simple, and the switch is directly turned on. Save energy, short time, less water.

  • Easy to Clean

  • Easy to Storage

  • 3200W heating body

  • Spray Gun Pipe Length 2m
    Power Cable Length 1.5m
    Pressure 3 bar
    Water Consumption 200-500ml/min
    Output Temperature Max 105°C

  • High pressure and strong power

  • Strong acid resistance

  • With anti-dry

  • Save energy and time

  • Less water

  • Anti skid handle

  • Double layer tea hose

  • Six gear adjustments

Brand Unbranded
Color Red/Black/Silver
Product dimension 190x150x130mm/7.5*5.9*5.1inch
Material  Plastic & Metal
Power 3200W
Capacity 900ml
Model Number   V201-CLR3000RE8AU

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