4 x Hanging Planter Basket w/ Chain & Coco Liner Garden Flower Plant Pot Baskets

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Summer's here — and it's time to display those gorgeous flowers in a setting that accents their beauty. With these four large hanging baskets from Randy & Travis Machinery and your choice of flowers, your house will be the showpiece of your neighbourhood. Crafted from black iron and coconut fibre (coir), these baskets provide a natural setting for your favourite plants. And, if you have a coir entrance mat, they'll give your entry a pulled-together, designer look. Although the iron wire and chain look delicate, they're incredibly strong. Their neutral colour and minimalist profile make your plants the centrepiece of your display. And, they're durable enough to last for many years to come.

Hang them from your eaves or use them as a focal point for your pergola — or both. The coir lining keeps the moisture in, yet allows the soil and roots to breathe, making your hanging plants healthier. And, the rough, textural look of the coconut fibre makes the perfect foil for your delicate flowers and draping greenery. They're a great choice for your hanging ivy or other trailing plants, as well as flowers — or both! Don't wait until they're all gone. Start your summer garden right with these baskets. Get yours today!


  • Suitable for outdoor and indoor use
  • Neutral colours blend with any home's exterior


Package Content:

4 X Large Garden Hanging Basket With Coir Liner & Chain Flower Plant Pots Baskets



Iron and coconut fibre (coir)


Black and natural tan

Diameter (each basket)

35 cm



Height (basket)

13 cm

Height (basket and chain)

52 cm

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