Breville The FoodCycler Food Disposal Bin

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Turn household food waste into odourless EcoChips™ in as little as 4 hours. * The FoodCycler operates an automated program for drying, grinding and cooling to reduce food scraps into odourless EcoChips. In as little as 4 hours*, your household food waste is reduced by over 80%** of its original volume. Easy to use with one-touch operation, its unique carbon filtration system eliminates odours, making it perfect for indoor use. With low energy usage and quiet operation, the FoodCycler can fit neatly in any location.


How does it work?

  • Using an automatic 3 stage cycle, the FoodCycler dehydrates, grinds and cools down your food waste while filtering odours and methane gasses.
  • Two replaceable carbon EcoFilters direct and filter airflow during the process, making for a clean and odourless cycle.
  • Food waste is stored in the bucket, and the lid with an integrated carbon filter helps reduce ambient odours.
  • Sophisticated sensor technology monitors the dryness and humidity of the food waste, allowing minimal energy usage with maximum efficiency.
  • The FoodCycler uses only 1KW per 8-hour cycle (equivalent to boiling 1L of water).
  • The Twist & Lock lid prevents noise (but also odours) during the process.
  • Load the bucket, lock the lid and press start. That's as hard as it gets.
  • The LED lights indicate a different cycle in progress. If you find that you have more waste to add to your cycle while the unit is running, you can 'Pause' (only during the drying phase).
  • The porcelain-coated, removable bucket is durable but also dishwasher safe.






Product Dimensions

H 320 x W 275 x L 320 mm


Packaged: W 334 x H 404 x D 440 mm

Product Weight

9.75 kg


Packaged: 11kg


Plastic, aluminium


2 L

Model Number


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