Aarke Carbonator 3 Sparkling Water Maker - Steel

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The Carbonator is the first appliance of its kind with a seamless, minimalist stainless steel enclosure in a classic Steel finish. Forget the dull, plastic soda machines of the past: This sparkling water maker is made from premium materials with top-of-the-line safety valves and is designed to elevate the look and feel of your kitchen counter for years to come. The third iteration of the Carbonator features an overhauled internal safety valve system and a new CNC-machined stainless steel precision nozzle.


How to use: Fill your bottle up to the fill line (with fresh, clean water only) and attach it to the machine. The lever is where the magic starts and ends, both carbonating your water and releasing pressure from the bottle. Push and hold until you hear a buzz, then release and unscrew the bottle from the machine. Enjoy your endless supply of sparkling beverages!


*Compatible with Sodastream gas cylinders


Features include:

  • The Carbonator 3 is designed with a seamless stainless steel enclosure that achieves both form and function as the machine’s backbone.
  • The Aarke Carbonator 3 is designed from the inside out to be the slimmest, most compact sparkling water maker.
  • The Carbonator 3’s most striking new feature is the redesigned precision nozzle, which is CNC-machined from a single piece of stainless steel. The result is a beautifully polished nozzle that produces a smooth, controlled spray beam.
  • The lever’s movement is newly regulated by a rotational damper that allows for a more controlled release of pressure within the bottle. The damper also allows for a higher filling line on the bottle without leading to performance issues. The lever’s end cap is now made of stainless steel with a striking spinning finish.
  • The bottle’s bottom piece is also newly engineered with a screw-in mechanism for increased durability. This ability to separate the metal and plastic components also make it possible to recycle bottles at the end of their lifetime. Still BPA-free and non-toxic, the PET bottle is right at home from the countertop to the dinner table, to your on-the-go tote bag.
  • The Carbonator only requires CO2 gas to run, we promise there are no hidden cords. Equally at home on the kitchen countertop or the bar cart.


Disclaimer: Gas cylinder not included






Product Dimensions

W 585 x D 385 x H 470 mm

Product Weight

2.45 kg



Model Number


Customer Reviews

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Great Product

Very happy with my aarke cabonated water maker. It is a great product and has a really good amount of fizz! Very easy to use and looks stylish on the bench

Neville Kenyon
Don’t sterilise bottle with boiling water

Aarke customer service reckon it's clearly stated: yes, ‘don’t put in a dishwasher’: long agitating cycle- which is very different to a quick rinse in boiling water. The latter instantly destroys the bottle. Many emails later they finally agreed to replace under warranty through gritted teeth, and lack of grace. They initially rejected claim stating it's on the website "getting started" page. It isn't. And it's not stated anywhere explicitly. Not even on the bottle- just the caveat don't put in dishwasher. I have yet to use the product. It doesn't come with a carbonated bottle. That's extra to buy on your own. So out of the box and 2 minutes at the sink- bottle destroyed- we are off to a very streaky, poor start. Not Webky's fault, but Aarke International.
"It is clearly stated on our website, on the bottle itself and in the manual that the PET-bottle is not able to go through the dishwasher and cannot be exposed to heat over 40°C.

Unfortunately, this has violated the warranty for your Aarke PET-bottle, and we can therefore not replace this bottle."

Baby steps stumbling at the first hurdle. Hmmm.

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