Charcuterie Bamboo Cheese Board & Knife Set, Wine Crackers Platter Serving Tray

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A New & Creative Way to Entertain Your Guests!

This cheese board is what you’re looking for! From serving Cheese/Meat lovers to dried fruit lovers this cheese plate will give that special touch for any social gathering. Your family and friends will love to come over for weekend parties while everyone shares their fun stories, and this platter is designed with a cutlery knife set, it's convenient to cut food into small pieces. A beautiful cheese plate is always impressive when you're entertaining your guest. Treat your guests with the Vestaware cheese board set!

This cheese board is made from 100% natural bamboo, which is durable and safe. This cheese board has a special groove to hold crackers, toast, or a fresh crusty baguette. Pull-out drawer increased use area, it can easily store serving utensils, wine opener, etc. And the attached 4 stainless steel cheese knives with easy-grip bamboo handles are durable and long-lasting, perfect to cut food into small pieces, like cheese and bread.


  • The optimal size (33 cm x 33 cm)
  • Extra-large cheese board
  • Cheese knife sets has durable bamboo handles, easy to grab
  • Two removable drawers are easy to clean
  • Four magnets on both sides keep the drawer closed
  • Four non-slip feet keep the bamboo cheese board in place
  • The box includes the product and all its components and a simple instruction set. One product for the package.


Package Content:

1x VIKUS Bamboo Cheese Board Set with Knife Set with 4 Stainless Steel Knife & Thick Wooden tray for Wine Crackers, Brie and Meat


Package Dimensions

5.60 x 35.50 x 34.50 cm

Package Weight

3 kg


100% natural bamboo

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