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Eco-friendly, washable, and reusable, the Buzzee Organic Beeswax Wraps are an all-natural and zero-waste alternative to single-use plastic wraps and bags.

Cover bowls, plates, or jars, along with leftover fruits, vegetables, fresh herbs, baked goods, sandwiches, cheese, nuts, and other foods by sealing the wrap with the warmth of your hands.

 Handwash only with cool water and mild dish soap, using a soft sponge. Do not use warm/hot water as it will melt the beeswax. Wash prior to first use. Not suitable for warm/hot foods, meat, or eggs.



  • Pack of 4 reusable wraps.
  • Includes: 1 x small wrap (8" x 8"/21cm square); 2 x medium wraps (10" x 10"/26cm square); 1 x large wrap (13" x 13"/33cm square).
  • Handcrafted & eco-friendly, made from organic printed cotton (Global Organic Textile Standard certified), organic coconut oil, organic citrus essential oils, Himalayan pine tree resin, and tropical beeswax.
  • Seal with the warmth of your hands.







Bees Wax

Product  Dimension

 (8" x 8"/21cm square)(10" x 10"/26cm square)

(13" x 13"/33cm square)

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