Gaggia Classic Pro Manual Coffee Machine 15 Bar Espresso Maker - Grey

Sale price$750.00


Creating the real Italian espresso has never been easier, thanks to Gaggia Classic. This coffee machine is for all espresso lovers who want to relive barista rituals, every day, in the comfort of their home. Gaggia’s coffee machines are built with precision and attention to detail—the core values of the legendary Achille Gaggia.

The three-way Solenoid Valve relieves pressure in the filter holder immediately after pulling a shot. Water empties from the filter-holder via the open valve and travels into the drip tray. This leaves the coffee pucks relatively dry, making them easy to clean.

This product includes a Gaggia Classic coffee machine, a portafilter, 1 cup basket (used for pods as well), 1 two-cup basket, 1 “Crema Perfetta” filter (pressurised baskets), a ground coffee doser, and a tamper.






    Zinc Coated Steel, Stainless Steel, Plastic

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