Cuckoo IH Rice Pressure Cooker 10 Cup Full Stainless Steel CRP-CHSS1009F

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IH rice/pressure cookers are also classified as pressure cookers. All pressure cookers basically build pressure inside the pot to cook food. This process enables the rice cooker to reach a higher boiling point than when it is at standard pressure (1 atm/105 Pa->100 degrees Celsius). Pressure cookers can reach 120 to 150 degrees Celsius. IH rice/pressure cookers build more pressure and thus have a higher boiling point than conventional pressure rice cookers. IH pressure cookers use induction heating technology (induction coils build electromagnetic induction to heat up the whole stainless steel inner pot), whereas conventional pressure cookers use a heating pan to heat up the inner pot.

The rice cookers can reach higher boiling points. Not only does it reach a higher boiling point, but it shortens the time of cooking. When food/grain is cooked at higher heat within a short time, the food becomes softer and tender. As the whole inner pot (bottom and sides) is heated up instead of only the bottom of the inner pot (conventional rice/pressure cookers use a heated pan on the bottom), the rice is more evenly cooked. This is what makes the Cuckoo very popular in international markets.

This product features:
  • Voice guide function: 3 Languages, Korean, Chinese, and English
  • High-Pressure Mode Cooking / Non-Pressure Mode Cooking
  • Induction Heating
  • Inner Pot: Diamond Coating
  • Inner Pot: Stainless Steel
  • Manual instructions (recipe included), stainless steaming rack, scoop, measuring cup




Country of Origin



Stainless Steel/Diamond Coating


1.8L / 10 Cups

Model Number


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