Dreame H11 Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner and Mop in One

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The Dreame H11 Wet and Dry vacuum cleaner is the ultimate cleaning appliance. As suggested in the name, the vacuum cleans dry messes, such as dust and food crumbs, as well as wet messes, such as spilled milk or soggy cereal. In particular, the H11 is ideal for use in the bathroom, balcony, and kitchen as these areas are where both dry and wet messes are frequently incurred.

The vacuum has a 30 minute run time, brushing the floor 560 times per minute and on the 900 ml water tank it can cover 160m² in the lowest water flow mode. However, if needed, switch to max mode for serious power and a deep clean. The H11 Wet and Dry can store up to 500 ml of used water and with a single click from you, will self-clean once it’s back on its charging dock.

  • Cleans up wet and dry messes at the same time
  • Self-cleaning on the roller brush as long as it is on
  • Long runtime for cleaning large homes
  • Self clean 
  • 30 minute run time
  • Brushing the floor 560 times per minute 
  • 900 ml water tank it can cover 160m²


Brand  Dreame
Pieces 7
Power  170 Watt
Color White
Capacity 500 ml
Product dimension D 317 x W 698 x H 295 mm
Product weight  9.1 kg
Model number H11
Accessories Included
  • Handle Assembly
  • Back-up Roller Brush
  • Accessory Holder
  • Charging Base Station
  • Australian Power Adapter
  • Back-up Filter
  • Cleaning Brush


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