EUROCHEF Cold Press Slow Juicer Machine Fruit Electric Juice Maker Vegetable Extractor Squeezer

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EUROCHEF Cold Press Slow Juicer Machine Fruit Electric Juice Maker Vegetable Extractor Squeezer, With an immediate boost to overall health, and benefits for weight management, skin quality and general wellbeing, juicing is more popular than ever! Cold press is when the juice is extracted slowly, without the heat associated with the traditional fast centrifugal process. This offers clear health, taste and yield advantages, and so it’s no surprise that slow juicing is sweeping the world!

This vertical EuroChef Cold Press Slow Juicer only takes up a small footprint on your bench or in your cupboard, but it is big on results! It boasts a powerful hi-torque 250W motor. You’ll be amazed at just how quietly it effortlessly squeezes all the vitamins and nutrients from everything from soft fruits to whole lemons to frozen berries and carrots! The slow juicing action massages every little bit of the goodness into the juice. Dry pulp is automatically ejected into the supplied container leaving nothing but clean fresh juice. Plus, with a reverse function, you don’t have to worry about it ever clogging. The spout plug allows you to fill with water and easily rinse the machine out in between juices. With the EuroChef slow juicer you can even serve up delicious icy treats with the special sorbet marking filter! As a further bonus, it also comes with a handy apple cutting tool to save you prep time.

  • Traditional fast centrifugal process
  • Whisper quiet
  • Multipurpose
  • Durable
  • Easy to Clean
  • Easy to use


Brand EuroChef
Color Grey marble
Product dimension 16 x 22 x 42cm
Product weight 3.5kg
Material Stainless steel/Plastic BPA free
Power:  250W
Capacity  1L
Model Number EU-JC20

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