Euroflex Vapour-M6S Compact Barrel Steam Cleaner SC6X1 - Black

Sale price$430.50


A lightweight and compact barrel-style steam cleaner with multi-functional uses. It produces steam using a built-in high-grade, durable stainless-steel boiler that superheats water to 130°C. The superheating process generates hot steam to easily remove dirt and powerful pressure to blast dirt out of its hiding place. It comes complete with many cleaning accessories for the floor to ceiling cleaning.


It is ideal for cleaning bathrooms that are prone to mould and mildew or kitchen areas for melting away cooking oils and grease. Windows and mirrors were cleaned with a steam shine without the usual streaks left behind by glass cleaners. The dedicated grout brush will make floors look new again. The Vapour-M6s is an appliance designed for multipurpose cleaning that no home should be without.






Product Dimensions

W 37 x D 24 x H 27 cm

Product Weight

3.2 kg


1.2 L

Model Number


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