Everbloome Preserved Flower Bouquet Joy

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Joy, she’s a kind and caring soul, beautiful both inside and out, just to know her is to love her. She can be used to style your home or workspace, great size for a bedside or coffee table. She also makes an excellent gift and is sure to impress.

  • Everbloomes are made from natural flowers which have been preserved
  • Unlike fresh flowers, which have to be replaced every few days, Everbloome makes your own home beautiful in an ecological, long lasting, and economic way
  • Best of all, Everbloomes are pollen free, making them so fantastic for those prone to allergies
  • As flowers are a natural product there may be variations to the reference images used on this website for any flowers you may order
  • Hydrangea
  • Eucalyptus
  • Ming fern
  • Money plant
  • Rice flower
  • Mini honesty
Brand Everbloome
Country of origin Australia
Color  Pink/Burgundy/Green/Cream
Product dimension With Packaging: Box 1: D 650 x W 450 x H 250 mm
Material Preserved Flowers
Compatible with  Vases, Homewares, Gifting
Model Number 140500

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