Giantz 1500W Puresine Wave DC-AC Power Inverter

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If you looking for ways to power up your AC devices from a 12V source, you only need to hook up to the Giantz Pure Sine Wave Inverter. The Pure Sine Wave Inverter produces a clean current without any signal interference. And that makes it perfect for running sensitive equipment such as computers, phones and TVs. Simply hook it up to your car, 4WD, caravan or boat battery and you can tap on the power to run your 240V appliances just like at home. Better still, the Wave Inverter can also power up running lights and refrigeration when there is a power outage at home.

Compatible with any 12V battery, the Wave Inverter uses reliable Japanese engineering capacitance and incorporates the latest IGBT inverter technology for a remarkable 90% high efficiency rate. It has a continuous output of 1500W and peaking at 3000W. It also has a convenient USB output and dual 240V sockets. Not least, the Inverter meets Australian specifications and has overloading, over-voltage and overheating protection.

With so much going for the Giantz Pure Sine Wave Inverter, you can be assured of constant clean power within easy reach anywhere, anytime. Get yours today.

  • Reinforced thermal dissipating construction
  • Reliable Japanese engineering capacitance
  • Copper magnetic core
  • Latest IGBT inverter technology
  • Ideal for sensitive electronics
  • Convenient USB output
  • Dual 240V sockets
  • Soft start and low interference technologies
  • 90% remarkable high efficiency
  • Powers 220/240V devices from 12V sources
  • Continuous output of 1500W
  • Australian-standard power point
  • Low-battery alarm and safety shutdown
  • Short-circuit protection
  • Overload, over-voltage and overheat protection


Brand Giantz
Continuous power 1500W
Peak power 3000W
Thd  <3%
Output voltage and frequency 220 - 240V, 50Hz
Output wave Pure sine wave
Input voltage 12V (DC 10V - 15V)
Static current 0.5-1A
USB current  5V, 2.1A
Battery low alarm protection 10VDC±0.5V
Battery low shutdown protection 9.5VDC±0.5V
Overload protection Shuts down output and reset
Output short circuit protection Auto shut-off
Over voltage protection 15V±1V
Over temperature protection  >65°C±1°C
Maximum efficiency  90% approx.
240V output socket 2
USB socket 1


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