Giantz 200 Watt Step Down Transformer

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The Giantz Step-Down Transformer is here to help. It converts AC240V into AC110V effortlessly so that your American-made appliance can work in Australia. It is so simple to use. Just plug the transformer into your wall socket and the USA appliance into the power outlet of the transformer and let the latter do its handy conversion. What you get is also clean and stable sine wave output that ensures the safe and proper function of your sensitive devices, both audio and video.

The 200W rated output transformer is lightweight and portable and operates ultra quietly.

  • Efficiently converts 240V to 110V
  • Pure sine output to protect all devices
  • Low noise operation
  • Powerful 200W rated output
  • Works with both 50 and 60Hz frequency
  • Step-down transformer with standard 110V socket
  •  Ultra-portable and lightweight
  •  Bonus two extra fuses


Brand Giantz
Colour Black
Maximum wattage 200W
Frequency 50/60 Hz (dual compatibility)
Input Voltage  AC 240V
Output Voltage AC 110
Cord Length 88cm
Power Plug Australian Standard
Bonus Fuse 2

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