Glow In Dark Wall Clock Luminous Quartz Wooden Non Ticking Home Decor 12''/30cm

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Glow In Dark Wall Clock Luminous Quartz Wooden Non Ticking Home Decor 12''/30cm, If you want a wall clock that will make a statement, this striking minimalist glow-in-the-dark clock by Randy & Travis Machinery is it. Featuring uber-modern number fonts showcased against its walnut veneer face, it will become the focal point of any room you hang it in. In the daytime, the coating on the numbers and hands soaks in the sunshine or artificial light. Then, at night-time, the hands and numbers glow a beautiful shade of green.

Quartz movement ensures complete accuracy, so you'll never have to worry about being late again. It's large enough to read from anywhere in the room. At night, you'll never notice anything but its warm glow. It's whisper-quiet, with no ticking to annoy you while you sleep. It's the perfect choice for offices, living rooms, rumpus rooms, kitchens, bedrooms, or even meeting rooms at work. Its neutral colour blends in beautifully with practically any interior décor. It's powered with a single AA carbon-zinc battery (not included), which should last over a year. If your room receives at least four hours of light during the day, this clock should glow all night.

  • Medium-density fibreboard with double-sided walnut veneer with numbers coated with a light-absorbing phosphorescent material
  • Movement, Battery-powered quartz
  • Recharges illumination in 4-8 hours
  • Battery required: AA zinc-carbon battery (not included)
  • Luminous numbers and hands tell time day or night
  • Serves as a night light
  • Whisper-quiet – no ticking to disturb your sleep
  • Neutral colour goes with most home or office colour palettes
  • Versatile enough for any room in the house 
Brand Randy & Travis Machinery
Color Dark walnut/White
Product diameter 30cm
Material  Fibrebord/Walnut veneer /Metal
Product Number V63-835511

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