KitchenAid Dish Drying Rack Kitchen Organiser W/ Drainboard Set & Utensil Holder

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The KitchenAid Compact Dish-Drying Rack is designed to take up minimal counter space. The dish rack can hold up to 9 plates, 5 cups, and other items. The rack features soft cup tines to protect mugs and glassware while drying, plus a removable flatware caddy featuring 3 compartments. The rack is made from coated wire to protect dishware from scratching and features soft, non-skid feet to stabilize the rack while drying and to protect countertops. All parts are removable and easy to hand wash when needed.


  • SPACE SAVER: designed to take up minimal counter space
  • REMOVABLE FLATWARE CADDY: features 3 compartments for easy sorting; simply lift caddy from the rack and carry to drawer or table
  • SOFT CUP TINES: protect glassware and mugs from breaking while drying
  • SMART DESIGN: soft, non-skid feet stabilize the rack and prevent scratching of countertops, while angled drainboard directs water into the sink
  • RUST-RESISTANT: coated wire frame repels rust and protects dishware from getting scratched







40.8cm x 32.1cm x 15.8cm

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