Kuvings Pack & Stack Silicone Collapsible Food Storage Containers 4 Pack - Round

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Made from sturdy BPA-free silicone, this 4 pieces collapsible container pack is the perfect space-saving accessory.


  • Dishwasher safe,?Freezer safe,?Microwave safe
  • Each container collapses to less than half its full height when not in use
  • Spill-proof, clip-on lids
  • Steam release for hot foods
  • BPA Free

Expanded Dimensions

  • 120mm round x 64mm high = 350ml
  • 140mm round x 64mm high = 540ml
  • 160mm round x 69mm high = 800ml
  • 187mm round x 74mm high = 1200ml

When I purchased my first silicon food container in 2010 it was a rare finding and expensive experience. What I did find there was a guilt-free feeling eating out of it. The confidence when using silicon has given our Company the desire to share this finding with all our Kuvings users in Australia.

What about BPA? Free plastic?

Facts are plastics are petroleum-based products. Manufacturers add chemicals (like BPA materials) to create various end products. All manufacturers are not openly admitting what chemicals they add and in what percentage. This makes it hard to test for chemicals unless you know which chemical or mineral you are looking for.

Consumers now demand BPA-free plastics. In some states of the USA and Europe, there are regulations in place requiring plastics to be BPA-free. One chemical which scientists find is more toxic than BPA, is labeled BPS. So with a wide range of plastics that have a lower cost take note and use either Glass or Silicon which we will explain below.


Silicon containers do not contain Estrogen and harsh chemicals, silicon is the best choice currently available. Silicon is indisputably safer for human health than plastic, which is a petroleum-based material commonly containing estrogen-mimicking chemicals like bisphenol-A (BPA). Furthermore, when it comes to the environment, silicone is more durable and environmentally friendly than plastic. Silicon is much longer lasting than plastic and endures extreme fluctuations in temperatures from very cold to oven hot without melting, cracking, or otherwise degrading.

Silicon resists oxidative deterioration (normal aging) for decades on end. Silicon (unlike plastic) is converted back into inorganic amorphous silica, carbon dioxide, and water vapour. Still curious about the benefits of silicon as compared to plastics? Silicon is also odour and stain-resistant. It's hygienic and hypoallergenic with no open pores to harbor bacteria making it great for food containers and lunch ware. It does not fade or scratch.





 BPA free Plastic/silicone

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