La Crosse Technology Digital Alarm Clock with Wireless Charging Pad - Black

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Meet Wattz 2.0, a powerful Projection Alarm Clock with enhanced charging capabilities. Charge your Qi-enabled phone, smartwatch, or USB device and Air Pods or USB-C device simultaneously. The 5W wireless charging pad is designed to safely charge your Qi-enabled phone overnight. This unit also features two USB charging port options. Connect your existing charging cable to the integrated 1 amp USB port and attach the included smartwatch stand to charge and secure your watch. Use the additional 1 amp USB-C charging port to power up your air pods or other USB-C devices. When charging your Air Pods, use the included charging cradle to hold your Air Pod case in place.

Choose what you want to see on your LCD with the selectable time, date, and indoor condition display options. The LCD also features adjustable brightness and an auto-dim backlight option that automatically dims during preselected times. Use the projection feature to project the time onto your wall or ceiling. The tilting projection arm and 270° image rotation make the projection image easy to adjust to suit any room configuration.

A magnetic cable organiser is located on the back of the clock to help keep your charging cables organised and secured. Packed with convenient, easy-to-use features, this unit is a great addition to your bedside table, office, or workspace. It’s time to take charge of your day.

This product features:

  • 5W Wireless Charging Pad. 1 Amp USB Charging Port. 1 Amp USB-C Charging Port
  • Display size: L 21.31 x W 11.98 x H 12.34 cm
  • Digital LCD. Projection
  • 12/24 hour time Display and calendar (Day of the Week, MM/DD)
  • Ascending alarm with programmable snooze
  • 5W wireless charging pad with adjustable coil and charging alignment indicator light
  • 2 USB charging ports 1 Amp. 1 Regular USB: works with a smartwatch or other USB devices. 1 Type C: Works with Air Pods or other USB-C devices. (charging cables not included)
  • Selectable display options. Time and indoor temperature. Time and calendar. Time and alarm. Large time and calendar
  • Time projection with tilting projection arm, 270° image rotation, and adjustable brightness
  • Adjustable LCD brightness (4 intensity levels and off) and programmable auto-dim
  • Attachable smartwatch stand
  • Attachable air pod charging cradle
  • Magnetic cable organiser
  • Easy to access buttons


Accessories Included:

  • AC Power Adapter (included)
  • (CR2032 Coin Cell Battery Backup (included)
  • The power adapter is required for operation. The battery keeps time and alarm settings in the event of a power outage



  • 5W Wireless Charging Pad
  • 1 Amp USB Charging Port
  • 1 Amp USB-C Charging Port
  • Powered by: AC and Battery CR2032



La Crosse Technology



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