mbeat Hi-Fi Bluetooth Turntable Player with Built-in Preamplifier, Anti-Skating

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The mbeat Turntable Player is designed to deliver an authentic analog listening experience. The player features a full-sized metal alloy platter that significantly reduces vibrations and signals disturbance. It comes with a moving magnet cartridge for accurate tracking and cleaner sounds. An adjustable tonearm, with the right adjustments made to the counterweight and anti-skating force, allows the needle to run freely without distortion at any position on the disc. You can also play 33/45 RPM vinyl with your own speakers, either wired or unwired (Bluetooth), and fine-tune your sound through the built-in pre-amplier.

Play Speed: 33⅓ & 45 rpm

Type: Belt drive

Tonearm: Manual

Cartridge: Moving Magnet

Stylus: Audio Technica ATN3600

Power: 5W max

Bluetooth: Transmitter 




Matte Black

Product Dimensions

H 420 x W 360 x D 125 mm

With packaging

H 474 x W 403 x D 171 mm

Product Weight


Model Number


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