Mortar and Pestle Set Herb Spice Mixing Grinding Crusher Bowl Granite Stone Grey

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If you're a professional chef or simply a foodie who loves to cook at home, a mortar and pestle set is a must-have. With this professional-grade granite mortar and pestle set by Randy & Travis Machinery, you'll be all set to create tasty pesto, grind herbs and spices, and make dressings and pastes to your heart's content. And, you'll have plenty of room to make enough for a large crowd with its 16-centimetre diameter. No worries about slippage. Its solid granite construction makes it so heavy that it won't move around. Solid stone won't absorb any oils, liquids, or flavours, so you won't have flavours from past dishes carrying over to new ones. Simply hand wash it, store it, and you're ready to go for the next time.

With your own mortar and pestle, you can customise your dishes to your personal tastes. Add a bit more chilli here, toss in a few more garlic cloves, or omit an ingredient you don't like. Never settle for store-bought again when you can easily make your own. That's not the end of what you can do with this amazing tool. Move it from your kitchen to the bathroom to stir up a custom body scrub or an overnight hydrating masque to soften the skin on your face. Such a versatile tool is a great addition to any home – it's the perfect wedding or housewarming gift for the cooks or beauty lovers in your life. Get yours today!


  • Versatile for both kitchen and bath
  • No oiling needed
  • Smooth interior
  • Hand washable


Package Content:

1 x Large Pestle and Mortar Set Durable Granite Stone Spice & Herb Crusher



Solid granite stone



Diameter (bowl)

16cm (outer), 14cm (inner)


8 cm

Dimensions (pestle)

17 x 4.5cm (L x W)


3500 g

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