Narwal FREO Self Cleaning Robot Vacuum and Mop Cleaner

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Narwal FREO Self Cleaning Robot Vacuum and Mop Cleaner,

DirSense technology allows Freo to sense “how dirty your room is” and then determine to clean one more time or not. You can use Auto-Refilling compartment so you do not need to refill water and dispose the dirty water anymore. You can use the water tank if you do not want to connect with auto-refilling system.

Freo can flexibly adjust the downward force and humidity of the mops depending on floors in various cleaning modes. It helps to prevent damage to floors and also provides a unique clean at the same time. Smart Swing, Twist and Swing. Bye bye Corner Stain.
Freo's Base station Rinses the dirty mops by automatically mixing the scientific ratio of Narwal floor cleaner with water, making the mops as bright and clean as before.Dual Air Tunnels. Anti-Bacteria and Mop Friendly.

Users can more easily control Freo and manage the base station. Especially being convenient for the elderly and non-app users.
Figure out how modules can work together to prevent wet and dry cross contamination. Roller brush and Mop can lift during different clean mode.

  • Smart Swing and twist
  • Flooring Identification
  • Auto-Feed
  • Compatble with Auto-Refilling Water System
  • Intelligent Heat Drying
  • LCD Touch Screen Display Station
  • DirtFree
  • Self cleaning
  • Durable and good quality


Brand Narwal
Color  White
Product dimension Product: W 351.5 x H 350 x D 106 mm
Base Station: D 370 x W 415 x H 435 mm
With Packaging: D 408 x W 457 x H 650 mm
Product weight With Packaging: 17 kg
Accessories Included Mopping Module
Model Number YJCC012

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