Navman C500 Dash Cam 1080P Full HD, 2.7" LCD, Wi-Fi With 32GB SD Card - Black

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This Dash Cam includes all the great safety features from speed and safety camera alerts that can be updated for free every month, to driver fatigue warnings and ADAS Safety Alerts which let you know if you are moving out of your lane, traveling too close to the vehicle in front or if another driver is encroaching on you. The camera is Full HD 1080P to provide high-quality vision and comes with GPS Tagging that shows the precise spot of any accident or event, as well as a 3-Axis G-Sensor which gives direction and G Forces of impact. Upload and share footage via WIFI with EZYSHARE. There is even the Eco Drive feature available which measures the fuel efficiency of your drive by evaluating the harshness of acceleration, braking, and turning. A bonus 32GB MicroSD Card is also included.






Product Dimensions

Product: 51 x 81 x 31 mm


Packaging: 95 x 155 x 77 mm

Product Weight

Product: 90g


Packaging: 208g

Model Number



2.7 Inch LCD


Expansion to 128GB

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