Philips 3L Instant Water Filter Dispenser Pitcher with 4 Filtration Cartridges

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Feel refreshed with crisp and pure-tasting water. Powered by the innovative activated carbon fibre, which has more efficient absorption due to its highly porous structure, the Philips Micro X-Clean Instant filter achieves 4 times faster flow than a filter pitcher* (*Compared to Philips pitcher AWP2900), while maintaining the same filtration performance.

Meet the next-generation water filtration. Enjoy fresh filtered water instantly at the touch of a button. Instant filtration on demand of up to 1 L/min fast flow. Set it up anywhere. Fits in most fridge doors (size of 2 x 2 Litre milk jugs). Enjoy cold and filtered water on demand.

A long-lasting battery lasts up to 4 weeks per charge. Easily recharge with a type C USB cable. Optimal Performance, Less Guessing. Usage-based filter monitoring reminds you to replace the filter (100 Litre or 1 month) based on either actual filtration volume or period of use. A flashing indicator light will inform you when the unit is due to be recharged.

Perfect size to suit a family. Effective 3 Litre jug capacity is ideal for larger households. Great tasting water will help to promote healthy family drinking habits.

Prolongs the lifetime of water-using kitchen and home appliances. Using Philips Micro X-Clean filtered water in kitchen appliances such as kettles and coffee machines prevents limescale build-up.

Good for you and good for the environment. Using Philips water filter jugs gives you delicious water at a fraction of the cost as well as reducing your carbon footprint by reducing your use of single-use plastic bottled water.

This product features:

  • Sediment filter reduces microplastics and large particles
  • Ion exchange resin reduces limescale and lead
  • Activated carbon fibre reduces pesticides, chlorine and fine particles
  • Jug capacity: 3.0L
  • Filtration operation: instant filtration at a touch of a button
  • Filter reminder: Usage-based filter life LED indicator
  • Flip-top lid
  • Battery: Type C USB cable, up to 1-month battery life
  • BPA-free plastic
  • Dishwasher safe (excluding the filter)
  • Filter material: Granular activated carbon and Ion exchange resin
  • Filter lifetime: 1 month / 100 Litre
  • On-demand fast water flow: up to 1 Litre /min
  • Replacement filter: AWP225/79
  • Set Includes Philips Powered Pitcher with Instant Filtration, 3.0L, White. Philips Micro X-Clean Instant Filter for Powered Pitcher, 3 Pack








3 Litre

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