Philips PerfectCare 7000 Series Steam Generator with Intelligent Automatic Steam

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Fast ironing with automatic steam Effortless ironing. Great results. PerfectCare 7000 Series is designed for your comfort and convenience. With our new motion sensor technology, powerful automatic steam is released when you start ironing.

OptimalTEMP technology assures no burns on all ironable garments. Our new motion sensor knows exactly when the iron is moving on your clothes and delivers powerful steam automatically. Relax and enjoy effortless ironing, while the iron does the steaming for you. Iron everything from silk to jeans without adjusting the temperature and no burns are assured. Thanks to OptimalTEMP, no dial or settings are needed. So there's no more pre-sorting the laundry, or waiting for the iron to heat up and cool down. You're ready for any fabric, anytime. Strong, continuous steam for effective crease removal of even the most stubborn creases on the thickest fabrics.

SteamGlide Elite is our best soleplate for ultimate gliding performance and maximum scratch resistance. Its stainless steel base is twice as hard as a regular aluminium base, and our patented 6-layer coating with an advanced titanium layer glides effortlessly for the fastest results.

The 1.8-litre transparent water tank gives you up to 2 hours of continuous use. When the water tank is empty, you will be reminded by the indicator light to refill at any time which you can easily do under the tap through the large filling door. Regular descaling protects your iron, extends its lifetime, and ensures the best steam performance. Our exclusive Easy De-Cal system collects limescale continuously with an indicator light to tell you when it needs emptying. Simply remove the plug and let the water and scale particles flow out.

Auto-shut off to save energy and for peace of mind. Lock your iron securely to the base station for easy carrying around the house and to reduce the risk of accidentally touching the hot soleplate.

  • 1.8-litre transparent water tank
  • New motion sensor technology
  • Powerful automatic steam
  • Patented 6-layer coating
  • Auto-shut off 



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Product Dimensions

Product: W 420 x H 275 x D 240 mm
With Packaging: D 475 x W 315 x H 315 mm

Product Weight

Product: 4.8 kg
With Packaging: 5.3 kg


1.8L Water tank

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