Roborock S7+ Robotic Vacuum and Mop Cleaner with Auto-Empty Dock

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Roborock S7+ (white) Robotic Vacuum with Auto-Empty Dock. The S7+ includes an auto-empty station with a 2.5L dust bag that holds up to 7 weeks of debris. Ultrasonic sensors detects carpet and area rugs, then automatically lifts the mop to continue vacuuming those surfaces. VibraRise Sonic mopping technology scrubs your floors up to 3,000 times per minute. Multi-level mapping memorises maps of multiple storeys, up to 4 floors in your home. Intense suction with 2500Pa of HyperForce suction power that leaves dirt nowhere to hide. Rubber brush roll for added durability and resistance to hair tangling.

  • With a 2.5L dust bag 
  • Ultrasonic sensors detects carpet and area rugs
  • VibraRise Sonic mopping technology
  • Multi-level mapping
  • With 2500Pa of HyperForce suction power
  • Rubber brush roll 
  • Durable
Brand Roborock
Color White
Product dimension  Product: W 314 x D 457 x H 383 mm
With Packaging: W 550 x D 370 x H 440 mm
Product weight Product: 10.5 kg
With Packaging: 14.2 kg
Capacity  2.5 Litre
Product Number  6970995784374

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