Scanpan Kalo 6 Piece Knife Block Set - Oak

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Introducing the SCANPAN Kalo 6-Piece Knife Block Set in Oak featuring "Classic" knives. Inspired by the 700-year-old castle of the same name, the SCANPAN Kalo block is made from quality Oak. This wood is known for its durability and attractive wood grain. It is less likely to warp when exposed to sunlight and possesses good water-resistant properties. The visibility of the knives is also maximised by their design.

Kalo Oak consists of the following SCANPAN Classic Knives:

  • 9cm Paring Knife - ideal for peeling with precision
  • 15cm Utility Knife - the indispensable!
  • 20cm Chef's Knife - ideal for meat
  • 20cm Bread Knife - effortlessly slice through crusty Danish loaves
  • 20cm Carving Knife - for the largest roast to a delicate Danish pastry


Danish design and modern production technology are combined in this knife series. Each knife has blades sharpened with a new grinding technique for improved and long-lasting performance. The knives are robust and manufactured with optimum weight and balance around the knife shoulder, with an ergonomically designed handle featuring a rounded back for greater finger comfort.


Why Classic Knives?

  • Tested and rated excellent
  • Optimum and enduring cutting performance
  • Superb weight distribution and balance
  • Made with high-quality German knife steel
  • Blade optimally tempered to a hardness rating of HRC 56
  • Ergonomic handle geometry with rounded design
  • Bolster shaped for improved grip



Brand Scanpan
Knife Type Knife Block Set
Finish Colour Wood
Kitchenware type Kitchen knives

Customer Reviews

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Rob Gilchrist
Love the product, but communication was lacking.

I was looking for a good solid set of knives with a great looking knife block and found them for a bargain price at Webky. I am very happy with my purchase, the fact that it took almost 2 weeks to action the order was concerning and then it took a further few weeks to arrive at my door. I sent two emails to Webky and never received a response which of course had me worrying that this was a scam website and I was going to lose a lot of money. Any response would have helped alleviate my concerns and it cost you one star on this review (when it should probably be two…)

Just send back an email letting people know that everything is ok and they will be receiving their items.

Maybe they are a fresh company and need to find their feet, but communication in any form of sales will go a long way to having a successful business.

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