Shiatsu Shoulder Massager with Heat Deep Kneading Massage Pillow for Neck & Back

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If you experience muscle soreness and stiffness after a hard day's work or a strenuous workout, you'll love this shiatsu heat massager by Randy & Travis Machinery. Its deep kneading action, combined with its soothing infrared heat, will put you in an instant relaxation mode. Don't worry about falling asleep during your massage. After 15 minutes of pure pleasure, the massager turns off, preventing it from overheating. Its deep massaging action will leave you with better circulation and relaxed muscles, ready for another day of hard work.

This massager works on both your neck and back, with eight kneading nodes working deep into your muscles to relieve soreness and stiffness. It's portable, so you can use it while you're working in your office, driving in your car, or watching a game of footy in your comfy chair at home. With three speeds and two directions (clockwise and counterclockwise) to choose from, you can customise your massage to your exact needs. Long straps allow you to adjust it to your unique anatomy. Crafted from durable PU leather and breathable mesh, it's easy to clean between uses. Just wipe it down with a damp cloth or disinfectant wipe, and it's good to go for the next time. Featuring both a car and AC adapter, you can take it along when you travel. It also makes a great gift for athletes, seniors, or anyone else who enjoys a great massage. Get yours today!


  • Infrared heating
  • Runs on both 12V DC and AC power
  • 3-speed choices
  • Works both clockwise and counterclockwise
  • Automatic shut-off after 15 minutes
  • Portable and easy to use
  • Perfect for massaging acupuncture points



Polyurethane leather and mesh fabric



Massage heads



AC adapter, DC car adapter, and user manual

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