Slamp Cactus Floor XL Prism

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This lamp has the extraordinary ability to adapt to any space while remaining quite true to its inspiration. It owes its iconicity to the combination of geometry and the innovation of the materials used for both versions: Lentiflex and Opalflex. Both emanate an irresistible brilliance and suggestive prismatic reflections. Cactus is available in 4 white versions, and 3 transparent prisma versions, all bringing imaginative possibilities to any area, introducing a dose of desired quirkiness. E27: 3 X 12W LED Filament Bulb not included.

  • Iconicity geometry and  innovation
  • Lentiflex and Opalflex
  • Irresistible brilliance
  • Suggestive prismatic reflection
  • Available in 4 white versions
  • 3 transparent prisma versions
  • E27: 3 X 12W LED Filament Bulb is needed
Brand Slamp
Country of origin Italy
Color White/Prisma
Product dimension  Product: W 28 x H 155 mm
With Packaging: D 32 x W 32 x H 158 mm
Product Weight Product: 3 kg
With Packaging: 6 kg
Material  Lentiflex / Stainless Steel base
Model number CAC78PFO0004LE

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