Tiger Induction Heating Pressure Rice Cooker 5.5 Cup - Brown

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Enjoy delicious, fluffy rice with TIGER’s "5 layer heat sealing ceramic coating inner pot” and its pressure technology. It also offers a variety of cooking menus for your meals by simply putting the ingredients into the rice cooker. It brings enjoyable meals to everyday living. This Tiger IH Pressure Rice Cooker has achieved delicious, fluffy rice with the development of the “5 layer heat sealing ceramic coating inner pot” and pressure IH technology. It enables to make daily meals delicious and convenient with shorter cooking hours or with a slow cooking menu.

This product features:
  • IH (induction heating) system generates high heat power
  • 5 layer heat sealing ceramic coating inner pot
  • Heat storage properties of heat sealing ceramic coating
  • High-temperature boiling more strongly brings out the sweetness of rice
  • unique functions and the heat is transmitted properly and effectively
  • Excellent Quick cook & Slow cook function
  • 20 cooker menus available
  • Laden with healthy, time saving, and fun menus
  • Glossy inner lid and easy to clean
  • The inner lid can be detached for easy cleaning with an extra self-cleaning function






Product Dimensions

Product: W 270 x H 208 x D 380 mm


With Packaging: D 400 x W 320 x H 260 mm

Product Weight

Product: 5.4 kg


With Packaging: 6.4 kg


Inner Pot 5 layer heat sealing ceramic coating inner pot. Outer finishing stainless steel


5.5 cups

Compatible with

230-240V SAA, RCM



Model Number


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