Tramontina Coffee Maker Set 4pc 1L Thermo Jug Coffee Plunger

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Make the perfect cup of coffee with the Tramontina Coffee Maker Set (2 x 250ml cups, 1L Coffee Plunger and 1L Thermo Jug). The Coffee plunger features heat-proof glass and bakelite handles, while the accompanying Thermo Jug is designed to keep you liquids hot or cold for much longer.

 This coffee maker is made of superior stainless steel material, easy to clean - Ergonomic plastic handle design, which fits in the hand comfortably - It is small size and exquisite appearance, makes your life more elegant - This product can be placed on any cooking appliance, and just in few minutes you will enjoy a superb coffee.

  • The coffee plunger heat proof of glass
  • Designed to keep you liquids hot or cold for much longer
  • Easy to clean
  • Stainless steel material
  • Ergonomic plastic handle


Tramontina Australia

Country of Origin



Stainless steel/glass


4pc with 2x 250ml cups

Model Number


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