Tuya Home WIFI Smart Door Lock Biometric Fingerprint Smart Card Password Key USB

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Tuya Home WIFI Smart Door Lock Biometric Fingerprint Smart Card Password Key USB, Fingerprint, password, key, IC Card, Tuya App are enabled. It's super convenient for you and your family members to enter home.You can easily manage your smart door lock through Tuya APP. Users could enter any digits randomly in front of or after the correct password while inputting, which can confuse anybody that may be watching during entry. Ensure you maximum safety and security. If the wrong fingerprint or password is entered multiple times, the system will be locked for three minutes. Mechanical keys and emergency power (MICRO USB) can be used when the door lock is out of power.

Users can create a ONE-OFF password for entry to your guests, friends/family, and visitors via your smart phone. View the activity log of visitors who have entered or exited your home. With unique entry keys for each user, you can understand the habits and timing for each user. The smart door lock is suitable for varieties of doors, and applicable to any door opening direction.

  • 5 Unlocking Methods
  • App Management
  • Scramble PIN Code
  • Lock Function
  • Temporary Visitor Password
  • Real-time Visitor Updates
  • Wide Application
  • Remote control
Brand Tuya 
Color  Black/Pink
Unlock password App/Fingerprint/Password/Card/Key
Material Aluminium Alloy
Finger capacity 50 pieces
Password capacity 150 pieces
Product Number  V201-LOCK291GD8AU

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