Vitrality Australia Small Room De-Humidifier DH-01

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This small room dehumidifier is ideal for removing moisture in small areas such as walk-in robes, bedrooms and garages. 

The unit works hard to prevent mold and mildew growth by reducing the amount of dampness in the air. Also great for preventing dust mite outbreaks and drying your clothes quickly on a rainy day.

  • mold and mildew prevention
  • protect leather and other valuables
  • dry hanging clothes faster
  • remove dampness in the room
  • auto tank shutoff when full
  • 380ml water removal daily at 80%RH and 30 degree Celsius


Brand Vitrality Australia
Color Black
Product Dimensions  Product: W 205 x H 340 x D 130 mm
With Packaging D 250 x W 170 x H 450 mm
Product Weight Product: 2 kg
With Packaging 2.5 kg
Size 1.5L
Capacity  4 - 6 m2
Model Number  DH-01

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