Wall Clock Non Ticking Glow In The Dark Battery Operated Night Light For Bedroom

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If you need a see-in-the-dark clock, this whisper-quiet clock by Randy & Travis Machinery is the perfect solution. With its easy-to-read glowing numbers and hands, it's easy to see from anywhere in the room. Its high-precision movement ensures that it will give you the accurate time, day or night. It's perfect for your kitchen, home office, work office, living room, and even your bedroom. With no annoying ticking to keep them awake, it's the ideal solution for children who need a little light in their rooms to keep the “monsters” at bay. And, it will teach them how to read an analog timepiece, a lost art in today's digital world.

Its neutral white face and black frame blend in beautifully with practically any room's décor, while its light green numbers provide a natural touch during the day and a comforting green glow at night.

During the day, the coating on the numbers and hands absorbs the sunlight or room lighting. At night, the clock emits that stored light, making the hands and numbers glow. To increase the brightness, make sure to increase its exposure to light during the day. Four to eight hours is usually enough to absorb enough light to glow all night long. It makes a great wedding, birthday, housewarming, or holiday gift as well. Always know what time it is, day or night, without having to glance at your cell phone. Order your wall clock today!


  • Glowing numbers and hands tell the time of day or night
  • Neutral colour blends in with any colour palette
  • Suitable for bedrooms, offices, kitchens, living rooms, or children's rooms
  • Minimalist design goes with a wide range of home décor
  • Serves as a night light in children's rooms
  • High-precision quartz movement ensures accuracy



Plastic and luminous coating


Black, white, and light green




305 x 43mm (diameter x thickness)

Batteries required

1 AA battery (not included)

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