Wine Stash Whisky Gift Set with Glasses Premium Handcrafted Whisky Stones

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Never drink diluted whisky again. Introducing premium handcrafted Whisky stones.


Set Includes 6 x handcrafted granite round whiskey chilling stones, 2 x 200ml Premium whiskey glasses, 1 x Hardwood presentation and storage tray, and 1 x Instructions manual. A complete and sophisticated gift set for a unique tasting experience. Wine Stash builds highly efficient and fast cooling non-diluting round solid granite stones used to perfectly cool fine spirits without watering down your drink. Easy to use and wash, our sipping stones are perfectly suited for beverages too.


Each of these 6 eco-friendly sipping rocks has a different colour and granite style making each set unique and standing out beautifully. While most stones on the market are cheap soap/basalt stones, Wine Stash offers top-of-the-line solid and premium granite. A fine whiskey deserves a fine vessel that opens the banquet. Wine Stash specially shaped glass enhances the characteristics of the whiskey so that you capture all of its rich aromas. Wine Stash rocks let you appreciate and rediscover original true spirits flavours. The round edges of our chilling stones will avoid scratching your glass, unlike square-shaped stones.


This product features:

  • Whisky Stones
  • Eco-Friendly Granite Stones
  • Quality soap/basalt stones
  • Elegant gift box
  • Perfect gift Idea



Wine Stash

Product Dimensions

L 10.69 x W 11.81 x D 35.2 cm

Product Weight

1.49 kg



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