Cheese Slicer Marble Board Plate With Stainless Steel Wire Cutter Grey 13x20cm

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Keep your cheese cool for longer on this quality marble cheese board slicer and make clean cuts of any thickness, from a sliver to a chunk with a simple downward sweep of the stainless-steel wire. With a channel to receive the wire, your cheese slices will release immediately from the block and can be used on an elegant antipasto, grilled, rolled, or laid in a sandwich with your favourite pickles and meat. 

Can you say that we love our cheese? 

We do, and we also love the economy, cleanliness, and precision that this board offers. Easy to hand wash, the handle is removable for a hygienic clean and the non-slip foot will save your table surface from scratches and scuffs.

  • Made from quality marble
  • Measures 20cm x 13cm x 1.8cm
  • Removable marble handle
  • Stainless steel cutting wire
  • Non-slip feet

Cleaning/Care: Hand washing recommended

 Size 13 X 20CM
 Colour Grey
 Material Marble

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