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Perfect for School or Office lunches: holds sandwiches. The entire bag has concealed coolant ice packs for maximum efficiency.


  • Perfect for when you only need to keep your sandwich or small lunch cool for a long time. Also great for fruit, chocolate, cheese, and medicinal and cosmetic products. Accommodates a Sistema To Go sandwich container(450ml,150x150x45 mm) or a similar size small square container
  • Separate ice gel packs are cleverly sewn in between the outer lining and inner lining on the upper and lower panels to keep the contents cool for up to 8 hours.
  • An additional layer of foam/foil between the nylon layers for extra insulation and protection.
  • Premium laminated polyester outer fabric and food-safe inner fabric.
  • Top zipper closure
  • Carry handle.


  • The whole bag is freezable so keeps your food and drinks cool and safe for up to 8 hours and reduces the chances of bacteria forming whilst in the frozen bag.
  • Easy to use: simply place the entire bag in the freezer overnight and it is ready for use the next day. No heavy ice bricks required or other components to assemble when ready for use
  • Compact and flexible to fit easily in your freezer.
  • Laminated outer polyester fabric and foam/foil prevent the exterior of the bag from getting wet as the concealed ice packs melt
  • Robust interior and exterior lining mean that an additional container is not necessary: simply place your sandwiches etc. ? naked. or using cling wrap thus saving weight and eliminating bulkiness in your kids? schoolbag.
  • Large enough to accommodate sandwiches, fruit, and other healthy goodies!
  • Ideal for school, office, picnics, BBQs, restaurants, beach, sporting events, travel, fishing, golf, boating, and a host of other activities
  • Easy to clean: simply wipe inside with a damp warm cloth or sponge after use each day
  • Great for school kids from kindergarten right through to high school, university students, office workers, tradies, truckies, couriers, construction workers, athletes, travelers, and a whole host of other vocations!






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