Kuvings CS600 Topset

Sale price$399.50


Wide Flip Gate Feeding Chute

The wide mouth 88mm flip gate can take in entire ingredients and is able to juice most fruit and vegetables without pre-cutting. This greatly decreases extracting time, saving the natural tastes of ingredients and minimizing nutrition loss.

 The flip gate ensures safe usage by preventing contact with moving components.



  • Clean Juicing – The Smart Cap prevents the juice from dripping and leaves no mess in the kitchen
  • Juice Blending – With the Smart Cap closed you can create delicious juice mixtures with various fruits and vegetables
  • Easy Rinsing – Quick and easy rinsing is done by running a glass of water in the juicer with a smart cap closed!
Type Slow Juicer
Material Ultem, Tritan, ABS, PC
Power Source  Electric
Colour Black, Silver


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