Kuvings Smart BMI Calculator

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Hand-held, portable device that provides various health care information using the Kuvings Smart Juicer mobile app.

Checks 7 types of body composition

  • Body Mass Index (BMI)
  • Muscle Mass (kg)
  • Body Water (%)
  • Minerals Mass (%)
  • Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR kcal)
  • Body Fat Ratio (%)
  • Body Fat (kg)

If you know exactly your body composition, you can tailor your diet and exercise to suit YOU!!!

Thin and light measuring instrument

It’s a dark silver color that won’t get tired even after long use, and the slim design of about 1cm has an excellent grip.

The compact size and light weight make it easy to carry in a small bag, making it portable. 

Easy & Simple measurements


Hold the upper and lower electrodes with the index and thumb of both hands. Measurements may fail if the finger has a callus or peels with dry hands.


While holding the body composition scanner, extend both arms forward. For accurate measurement, do not move or speak during the measurement.


Keep the elbows from bending until the measurement is complete. When the measurement is completed after counting down, Check body composition results. 

The Kuvings BMI Calculator uses the “impedance measurement method” (BIA), which analyzes the body composition based on the resistance by sending a minute current through the human body.

In other words, it measures the body type by using electrical resistance such as water, protein, and fat in the body.

It can be easily and simply measured and linked with a mobile app. Measurement result data can be recorded and managed in real-time. 

Continuous management

The Kuvings BMI calculator is linked with the mobile app to measure the individual body composition measurement results.

It can be recorded and managed, and the measurement results are for each day/month/year.

The comparative analysis enables continuous health management.

When you set the desired target value, you can change the amount of fat, body composition, moisture, etc.

Provides motivation by systematically managing body composition including BMI.


Through the Kuvings Smart Mobile App, we provide customized juice recipes and health training suitable for all body types. It is systematic and utilizes your own body composition data for efficient health management.

Which type of body does my body belong to?

There are many body types, such as the body shape that is easy to gain weight, a slim but skinny obesity type, and a high body fat percentage just to name a few.

We have a total of 54 body types (18 male, 36 female) and the Kuvings BMI calculator can analyze and provide health solutions tailored to individual body types.

Custom Juice Recipes

Juices that fit my body

The calories, vitamins, minerals, and nutrients of over 400 juice recipes are loaded into the mobile app.

After analyzing using the Kuvings BMI calculator the mobile app recommends specific juices that fit the individual body type every day.

Juice recipes are composed of various themes such as diet/detox/antioxidation/skin. You can easily find the recipe that suits your purpose by using the search function.

Health Trainer
 in your hand

Kuvings Smart “Health Coach” is included in the mobile app. It has an upper-body workout, and lower body workout, and the desired exercise for each part, such as core exercise and body balance, can be mobile. You can watch it freely with a video.

Recommended exercise content based on your body composition measurement data, it is composed of over 50 kinds, and it becomes a personal trainer in my hand.

Product Specifications

Product Name

Kuvings Body Fat Analyzer

Model name



126 x 47 x 39 mm


21g (Main body)

Operating Voltage

CR1620 Coin cell battery (DC + 3.0V)

Operating Frequency

2,420MHz ~ 2,480MHz

Transmission device

Bluetooth 4.0

Measurement item

Body Fat Mass, Body Fat Percentage, Muscle Mass, BMI, Basal metabolic rate, Body Water, Inorganic mass

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