Large Bamboo Cutting Board and 4 Containers with Mobile Holder gift included for Home Kitchen

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Large Bamboo Cutting Board and 4 Containers with Mobile Holder Gift Included for Kitchen, Large Chopping Board with Juice Grooves, Easy-Grip Handles & Food Sliding Opening, Carving Board with Trays for Food Storage, Transport and Cleanup.

 This chopping board comes with 4 PET organizer trays, which are durable, light and easy to move. The cutting board also features integrated juice grooves to catch any excess juices and dripping from spilling onto your counter or table. A bamboo mobile holder is included so you can watch videos or recipes while you are in the kitchen. 

The compartment board is made from eco-friendly bamboo that is free from chemicals, water-resistant and easy to cleanup. The bamboo board is covered with edible oil that acts as a barrier for the bamboo, avoiding moisture efficiently.  The cutting board with trays is built to cut cheese, meat, chop veggies, or prep dishes. After you chop them, slide them into the tray through the large opening. By using these trays, you could cut any kind of food while leaving the countertop mess-free.

  • Easy to organize and collect
  • Special gift included- a bamboo mobile holder
  • Natural bamboo board
  • Wide drop zone
  • Bamboo Cutting Board with 4 Containers
  • Genuinely Useful Cutting Board
  • Perfect Size& Sits High  Cutting Board
  • Great Design & Eco-Friendly Material
  • Perfect Gift


Colour Bamboo
Material Bamboo Wood
Special Features Eco-Friendly
Item Dimensions 31 x 44 x 7.8 cm
 Item weight 2 kg
Package Dimensions 45 x 32 x 9 cm
Package weight 2.5 kg

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