Large Room Air Purifier Bundle Pack AF 10

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The AF-10 is a large and stylish air purifier that is suitable for room areas of 40-90 square metres. It is great for lounge rooms, offices, classrooms and resturants. The AF-10 Air Purifier has been approved by the Asthma foundation and it is therefore ideal for use by people who suffer from allergies or asthma. Other features of the AF-10 Air Purifier unit is that it is portable, lightweight and comes with a built in humidifier. It also comes with a Wi-fi App and a remote control. The air purifier unit is bundled with an air filter and the unit combines to provide a three stage air filtration process to provide cleaner air. Spare Filter Provided.

The HEPA 13 filter will give you an additional 2000 hours of clean air when a replacement filter is required. The filter uses a medical-grade HEPA 13 filter material and activated carbon in order to provide the best possible filtration.

  • Large and stylish air purifier
  • Covered areas of 40-90 square metres
  • Approved by the Asthma foundation 
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Built in humidifier
  • Wi-fi App and  remote control
  • Three stage air filtration


Brand  Air Purifiers Australia
Color White
Product dimension AF-10 Air Purifier unit: W 370 x H 370 x D 680 mm
AF-10 Air Purifier unit with packaging: D380 x W 380 x H 690 mm
HEPA 13 Filter unit with packaging: D 260 x W 260 x H 320 mm
Product weight AF-10 Air Purifier: 8.5 kg
HEPA 13 filter: 0.3 kg
AF-10 Air Purifier unit: 8 kg
AF-10 Air Purifier unit with packaging: 8.5 kg
HEPA 13 Filter unit with packaging: 0.3 kg
Accessories included Air Filter + Spare Filter Provided
Model number: AF-10 Air Purifier: AF-10
HEPA 13 Filter: FAF-10

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