Memory Foam Full Body Pillow Soft Long Pillows With Removable Bamboo Pillowcase

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There are times when only the fullest measure will do. And with the Giselle Bedding Bamboo Body Pillow, you are assured of utmost pleasure in sleep and relaxation from head to toe.

Filled with 60D gel memory foam and 2.5kg shredded foam, our Body Pillow easily conforms to your shape for a more comfortable sleeping experience. More importantly, with its full-length design, our Body Pillow is long enough to offer extended support in any sleeping position, particularly if you prefer sleeping sideways. You get instant relief and support with every use of the Body Pillow. In fact, it is also a perfect pregnancy pillow to help reduce aches, soreness, and pressure during all stages of pregnancy and subsequent maternity requirements. Not least, the cool and breathable bamboo fabric cover is soft, allergen-free, and breathable, allowing air to flow through the pillow for more luxurious comfort. The zipped cover is also machine washable for added convenience and hygiene.



  • Full-length body pillow
  • Responsive shredded memory foam
  • Soft and supportive
  • Cool and breathable comfort
  • Pressure relieves
  • Removable bamboo fabric cover
  • Machine washable cover
  • Dust mite resistant


Note: The product is vacuum-packed. Please allow a few hours for a new pillow to fully expand.


Package Content

1 x Body Pillow


Outer cover

Bamboo fabric

Inner cover



60D gel memory foam and 2.5kg shredded foam

Overall dimension

120 x 36 x 24cm

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